12 fevereiro 2008

SOS Kenya - actions in Kenya and Czech republic

here you can see some small videos about the day, when the humanists from Nairobi has distributed some help to one of the reffugee camps  - to the displaced families.
In this occassion 3 TV chanels gave the information about this action of Humanist movement where also the statement stressing on reconciliation was heard.
Interesting was that humanist members from different tribes where there all together - so it was practical example what Kenya needs too much now.
They are planning other activities in this direction.
I am ataching to you also twoo photos from other ceremonies done with the sign of Non-violence on February 7th, in one smaller city in Czech republic - in Ceske Budejovice.
here are also some testimonies from people in reffugge camps:
The situation on the ground seems cool though bad
memories of the affected in the society are so fresh
as if they happened yesterday. True, they are coming
to believe that what they saw was not a dream since
they are now spending sleepless nights either in the
cold and empty-bellied or they are so depressed not
knowing what to do and where to start all over again.
Moreso with some in their hey ages and having thought
that they will now sit down to enjoy their sweat.

One such case is Mzee Kamau Njoroge who has suffered
the blunt of ethinic now for the third time. His House
and property went up in flames in 1992 in Eldoret and
so he thought Nakuru was a bit safe only to suffer
again in 1997 and moved again to near his tribesmen in
Kwa Rodah still in Nakuru. He was shocked as he came
to learn that assailants were looking for him and was
one of the ten listed to die the soonest the elections
were through. He thought that he had escaped as one of
his tribesman had been declared the winner. He was
wrong and had to run away and watched in awesome
wonder when his tenants he had been helping in time of
need came accompanied with arsonists and torched his
more than 100 apartments he eked his living from. He
had to run away from them as they bayed for his . He
is still in great shock and takes time to recollect
more so when he has to depend on welwishers to fed his
family.He is 69 years old and is totally confused
where to start and how.

His first-born named Mary Wanjiku Kamau is a single
mother of three children, 2 daughters in Form 2 and a
son who is breastfeeding. She has been practising
farming and suffered greatly as arsonists torched more
than 50 bags of her harvest. She has refused to join
her parents and is still camping in one of the camps
in Eldoret. She has hopes that peace will prevail and
continue with what she is used. Her children are
living with the grandparents. They have now been
enrolled in St Christopher's School.

Jane Wanjiku Kamau born in 1967 is also a single
parent and a mother of a Form 2 boy namely Simon
Kamau. She was selling Charcoal and Paraffin and had
been doing well in his father's premises when hell
broke loose. They had targeted her and her business.
She was also Charging Batteries and all these helped
the fire to spread with ease. People they knew very
well gave them 7 hours to vacate or else they face the
music. Before they had even thought of the ultimutum,
fire was lit and she had to scamper for safety. They
first stole anything they could lay their hands on and
started running after them so that they may not try to
put out the fire that was then burning furiosly. She
joined the other neighbours and settled temporarily at
Munyeki Camp. She was only able to safe a few of her
clothes and was helped by a good Samaritan and
transported to Kinangop with her parents. She says she
does not feel like going to those areas again after
suffering 3 times.

Esther Wangari Kamau born in 1969 is the third born
and a single parent of a son in Form2. She was
carrying out business of consummables in her parents
premises. She is disturbed that the business had grown
to over 100,000 Kenya Shillings and she was hopeful to
reach greater heights when the arsonists torched their
premises and brought all her hopes to the floor.The
different tribes well known to her came in large
numbers and armed to the teeth. They brandished Pangas
and shot arrows at them.It happened so fast that she
even forgot her son in the house. He only realised
when he saw smoke billowing from his grandparents
house and heard loud bangs by their door. He escaped
by a whisker as he his in his neighbours house as they
ran after him in hot pursuit. He was lucky that police
arrived just when they were near to flush him out and
when they were escorting him to join others, they
found a man bleeding profusely and were about to pass
by when she realised he was a family friend. The
police helped him carry the man to hospital and even
today they have ont heard of him. The family could not
hold back tears as they thought he was cut as his
clothes were all y. Esther says she would like to go
back only if those behind the clashes are evicted from
their homes to let them live in peace. They are
stuttled as the tenants are now controlling the
landlords like her father.

Janet Njambi is the forth born of the family and a
single parent of 2 children namely, Anne Njeri in std
8 and Simon Kamau in std 3. She was helping her
parents run the family business as she prepared to
start her own. She was also in the assailants list of
the most wanted.

Margaret Wambui is the fifth  and born of 1984 and
took a tailoring course. She graduated in 2006 and was
in an attachment in Bahati. She was about to start her
business when hell broke loose. She does not want to
go back their as she claims the whole affair seem not
to be on the elections but jelousy and envy.

Mary Wairimu born in 1987 had just finished her Form
4. She saw strangers accompanying her neighbours and
they came shouting and yelling to the top of their
voices. She feared for her life and spend off. She
would like to go back and continue baking cakes she
had just started. She is a single parent of a baby
that  she delivered 3 weeks before the elections.
Things happened so fast and she could not remember her
baby was in bed. The baby was rescued by her cousin of
13 years from the burning house. She lost everything
including clothes for the baby. She terribly fear to
go back as she witnessed bitter feelings from their

Anne Njeri their mother who is 60 years old is
devastated by the whole episode. She still does not
believe that she has lost everything and she is
saddened by seeing her daughters with grandchildren
around her again. They claim that they have lost over
4 Million Shillings worth of property and are yet to
come to terms with the hostility. As he was in the
wanted list, he fear for his life but again do not
know what to do and how to do it. He claims that this
is a long time plan and only took the opportunity when
the political instability creeped in.

These are concrete testimonies of those who witnessed
the eruption of the tribal clashes that have left many
, many dead and displaced from places they called homes.

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